Hello VR

At what point does reality become Virtual Reality? Is it binary, or is there a spectrum of reality that we can experience? What are some of the implications of sophisticated Virtual Reality?

I tried on my first VR headset in 2016, Gear VR. I thought I was a latecomer, but it turns out that a majority of people still haven’t tested any mainstream VR headset out for themselves.

I have a couple theories about why this is:

  1. We’re scared of change.
  2. There is no necessity.
  3. The experience is too uncomfortable for most.

I was scared to start my first blog. Small businesses are still scared of social media. New things scare us, but the world is changing faster than ever. We have 4k TVs and surround sound in our living rooms, why would you want to strap a device to your head? There’s an anti-social barrier around you, because you’re literally in another world. I’m not even going to mention the “wait 30 mins after eating before you jump into the Virtual Reality” rule. That’s not a rule. There is the slight chance of motion sickness, bonus if you’re new.

Don’t worry, it’s going to be great. Pretty soon, we’ll all be walking around with these things strapped to our heads!