Virtual Reality and Me

The VR market isn’t even close to being mature. Although VR headsets have been around in some form or fashion for almost 20 years now, the vast majority of people still haven’t tried on a headset or seen a reason for owning one.

There are plenty of headsets available as of this writing, but their are plenty of technological hurdles left before the mainstream can enjoy virtual reality. The price point for the more advanced headsets, like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, are still a barrier as well. Most commercial PCs still can’t handle the processing requirements, so a custom PC with a high performance graphics card is still par for the course, and this raises the barrier by several hundred dollars.

Even with such a small market, money is still pouring into research and development, so the question is only “when” the virtual reality markets will be mainstream.

There are still plenty of enjoyable activities associated with VR that are still worth investigating, like:

  • 3D videos, including landscapes, tours, concerts, and porn
  • Animated videos, like cartoons, musical light shows, or simulated movie theaters where you can enjoy feature-length films
  • Games of all kinds