VR Has Always Been an Artform

Virtual reality is quickly becoming accessible, with the help of those Google Cardboards. Anyone with a smart phone can now experience the beauty of virtual reality, however limited. Milk mentions a few of the technological hurdles his team has overcome, like stereoscopic sound for VR, and he’s right in the fact that they’re enhancing VR as an art form.

It’s always been an artform, it just hasn’t been in the hands of artists. In the hands of Palmer Luckey and Mark Zuckerberg virtual reality has been confined to the tech world, gamers, and nerds.

As artists are drawn to this medium, once it’s accessible we’ll witness entirely new genres of art. One artist may draw in the environment, painting virtual furniture around her living room. Another will design virtual environments for others to visit and interact with, while another uses the medium to film a concert, giving his fans a chance to revisit the concert anytime they want.

VR hardware is still maturing as well. Just as monoscopic view modes had to go, so does monoscopic sound, which is part of the reason I’m glad Milk mentioned it. With more able VR recording devices, the quality and certainly quantity of experiences will improve overall, which should also draw additional participants. Milk may have figured out the best way to record stereoscopic audio, but the majority of creators have not. Music is still a good second bet.